Naniwa Pump Mfg. Co., Ltd., founded in 1921, specializes in the manufacture of marine pumps.
Our main factory in Fukui, boasting the latest in production facilities enabling 24-hour unstaffed operation, is the only plant in Japan fully approved by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport for the manufacture of all types of quality marine pumps.
Under stringent inspection and quality control conforming to JIS and IS09001 standards, over 7,000 units are produced annually and delivered to major shipyards and ship owners throughout the world.
As experts in marine pumps with many years of experience and established reliable performance, we offer a full line of engine room and pump room pumps for all applications in packages, and provide maintenance services as well.


Marine Pumps

Our supply range covers all types of Engine Room and Cargo Pumps for both commercial and Naval Ships.

Both design and quality for both Industrial and Marine Pumps meet or exceed the requirements of classification societies and national standards of various countries.
Naniwa Pumps are World Class.

IIndustrial Pumps

Naniwa provides all types of standard and special centrifugal and positive displacement pumps for a broad range of industries such as Chemical, Petroleum, Plastics, Special Process and Power Plants.